Celebrate 100! Patch Program girlscouts celebrate 100 patch

You can earn the GSSJC Celebrate 100! Patch now through May 2013! Patches will be available for purchase in all of our Council shops starting in March until the stock is depleted.

Girls interested in earning this patch should be involved in the decision-making process to determine which requirements they wish to complete.

Have questions? Contact us at celebrate100@sjgs.org or 713-292-0369.


This earned patch is for all levels of Girl Scouts and encourages girls to travel their own journey as they embrace the past, celebrate the present, and envision the future of our movement. Requirements for each level are listed below, with girls completing at least one activity in each section:


            LEVEL        REQUIREMENT                   LEVEL      REQUIREMENT

                Daisies        3 activities                          Cadettes               7 activities

            Brownies     4 activities                           Seniors                 7 activities

            Juniors        6 activities                           Ambassador          7 activities



1. Discover the differences and similarities between Girl Scouts of the past and Girl Scouts of today.

2. Explore our Council; learn about our camps, our museum, or our other facilities.

3. Investigate ten things you can do in Girl Scouts.

4. Learn the Promise or Law in another language. This could include sign language.

5. Find out about Girl Scouts from another country.


1. Complete an activity that Girl Scouts from the past would have done, such as an old badge activity with a friend or family member.

2. Celebrate the 100th birthday with others.

3. Invent a game about Girl Scouts today and play it with others.

4. Make a time capsule.

5. Talk to someone about their Girl Scout experience, sharing your own experiences with them. Enjoy discovering the differences.


1. Be creative; design your own badge or petal. Share your ideas. Have fun!

2. Inform others about the changes over time of Girl Scout uniforms. Consider hosting a fashion show, creating a paper doll box to share, or designing a uniform of the future.

3. Demonstrate your knowledge of Girl Scout history through a public display, service project, party, or other way you design. Consider using Girl Scout traditions such as skits, songs, and games.

4. Publish your own Girl Scout recipe book or cook your favorite Girl Scout recipes with others, perhaps in a potluck or a cook off.

5. Create something that shows Girl Scouts are 100 and share it with others.

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Have questions regarding our 100th Anniversary celebrations? Email celebrate100@sjgs.org.