Celebrate 100! Chalk in the Park

girlscouts celebrate 100 chalk in the park

On the weekend of April 27-29, 2012, help Girl Scouts celebrate their 100th anniversary by decorating your local parks and neighborhoods! How, you might ask? By using sidewalk chalk to draw your Girl Scout journey!

Pick a place − be sure to get permission to draw on it − and have fun bringing color and pizzazz to your community. Draw the yummiest Girl Scout cookie or illustrate an awesome camping trip. How about an artistic rendering of your favorite Girl Scout memory? Let your creativity shine as you help wish Girl Scouts a Happy Anniversary!

Let’s color the world with Girl Scouts! Holding a “Chalk in the Park” event provides an opportunity for budding artists to have fun in the outdoors, while sharing with the community Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary in 2012. It’s a perfect bring-a-friend event to share the good things Girl Scouts do!

Safety Checklist:

  • Permission Slips
  • First Aider
  • First Aid Kit

Planning the Event Checklist:

  • Get Permission or Approval to ‘decorate’ specific area with chalk
  • Plan date/time for event
  • Invite other participants (other troops, service unit, friends of current scouts, family)
  • Make a plan for restroom use
  • Make a plan to ensure safety for all girls/participants using cones, sawhorses, etc.
  • Gather supplies
  • Plan for shade, water breaks, snacks
  • Arrange for a community person to come and ‘judge’ the artwork
  • Take pictures, count number of participants
  • Send pictures, description of event and contact information to:  celebrate100@sjgs.org
  • Send thank you notes to ‘hosts’, judges, helpers

Reminder: Troops/Service Units may receive ‘in-kind’ donations for water or snacks from event supporters, but not money.

Supplies needed:

  • Lots of Chalk
  • Hand wipes, or hand washing station
  • Water
  • Trash bags
  • Stencils
  • Pop-up tents (to provide shade, if needed)
  • Yard Sign that says: This Project Is Brought to You by Local Girl Scouts! (Sign 1)
  • Yard Sign that says: Celebrate 100! With Girl Scouts in 2012 (Sign 2)

Can’t find a suitable, safe location for an outdoor event?  Consider this option:

  • Tape long pieces of butcher paper around a room for girls to decorate.
  • Cover tables with paper to decorate.
  • Lay long pieces of paper on the floor to decorate.
  • Take the chalk drawings outdoors and spray with hair spray to ‘fix’ the chalk (so it won’t rub off easily).
  • The finished products can be displayed publically, or cut into suitable sized posters to share across the community in businesses, banks, libraries, schools or restaurants!
  • Use one of the signs to identify the artists!

This activity can generate a service opportunity, too! Girls may decide to make chalk to donate to a local women’s shelter or donate a chalk drawing (poster-size) that says, “We care,” to a food pantry or women’s shelter.

Check out these links for a printable document with ideas on where to hold your event, how to make home-made chalk and more!  

Printable Information Sheet
Trefoil Template (small)
Trefoil Template (large)
Printable 8-1/2x11 sign 1
Printable 8-1/2x11 sign 2

Have questions regarding our 100th Anniversary celebrations? Email celebrate100@sjgs.org or call 713-292-0369.