National Council Session

During the National Council Session, three proposal were addressed by the Council.

I. Authorization for Annual General Program Fee for Girl Members: this proposal was approved as amended. The fee will be called Annual Council Service Fee, is set by each Council annually, and applies to girl members only. It may not exceed the annual membership dues.

II. Timing for the Election of National Council Delegates in Councils: this proposal was defeated. National Council Delegates will continue to be elected during the year preceding the National Council Session.

III. Annual Membership" Proposal three was referred to a Task Group to study both the dues structure and membership processes with an anticipated report or possibly a new proposal presented at the 2014 National Council Session. As a result, the membership year will remain October 1 through September 30.

For more details on these proceedings, please see the GSUSA Convention website at:

2011 National Council Session/ 52nd Convention

Dear Friends,

Throughout the National Convention, we found ourselves asking the same question over and over again. How can we possibly thank the girls, women and men of San Jacinto Council for their part in the most successful convention in recent memory? Words or gestures cannot fulfill the message of gratitude that we and so many other people feel at this time. So many people stepped up: our board, our staff, our delegates, our volunteers, and our attendees. It made us so proud, and honored the great traditions of our council. Three groups deserve special recognition which, again, words can't possibly express.

Our 30-person strong Convention Support Team under the leadership of Aimee Sproles and Penny Harp did the heavy lifting for this event. They organized nearly 2,000 volunteers whose friendliness and helpfulness set the tone for the entire event. These amazing volunteers showed up in red shirts each day as visible reminders to everybody in attendance that a smile and a helping hand was theirs for the asking. It seems funny to say, but in the end, we rediscovered a very simple thing about success - nothing beats kindness.

Another group we want to thank from the bottom our hearts is the 23-member GSLI Girl Planning Team who, under the leadership of Julie Deeter and Kelly George, carried out the best GSLI experience ever. We are so incredibly proud of their work. They were issued a significant challenge - to deliver a transformative Girl Scouts Leadership Institute - and they more than delivered on that challenge. In doing so, they renewed our conviction about Girl Scouts and gave the adults among us a glimpse into the incredible power of girl leadership.

Finally, we want to express our appreciation to Connie Chavez and the Development and Communications team for their "stepped up" efforts to raise the visibility of Girl Scouting in advance of and during the National Convention. We received great coverage that made us all proud to be a Girl Scout.

For those of you who couldn't attend, we're including a link to the GSUSA website ( where highlights from the event are captured. Please enjoy!!!

We have now officially passed the flag to Girl Scouts of Utah who now have the daunting task of being the second century of Girl Scouts inaugural host. We did so knowing that Houston and San Jacinto Council were the perfect hosts to commemorate the first century of Scouting, and you lived up to everybody's hopes for this memorable event.


Ellen DeSanctis and Mary Vitek

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