Fall Product Program

Order taking begins on Sept. 12, 2014 and ends on Oct. 5, 2014
Product Delivery to troops is Oct. 20-28, 2014

Every year, registered Girl Scouts take orders from friends and family for delicious nuts and candies and magazine subscriptions as part of the Fall Product Program. By participating in this program, troops get a head start on funding their activities for the year! In addition, the program offers opportunities for girls to practice the 5 skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

Being involved in the Fall Product Program ensures girls are learning to become leaders. A girl becomes a leader by discovering, connecting and taking action to make the world a better place. For girls to become leaders, they need to:

  • Understand their values and use their knowledge and skills to explore their world (Discover)
  • Care about, inspire and team with others locally (Connect)
  • Act to make the world a better place and to make a difference in their communities (Take Action)

NEW! Expanded QSP offerings – Photo Keepsakes
Our new program offers a great way to help people preserve and share memories with personalized photo keepsakes, books, cards, calendars and more. Customers upload photos from Facebook, Instagram, PCs and mobile devices to create beautiful photo keepsakes.

New Online Nut Store
As part of the QSP/Nut Online Program, emails to friends and family will now include the option for customers to order, pay online and have nuts delivered to their home or business. Customers will be able to select from 25 Girl Scout products as well as five corporate gift items.

Activity - Website
Girls can visit whatcanagirldo.com to check out the interactive website. Girls will have the opportunity to engage in fun and educational games that will challenge and entertain them as they learn about the 5 skills and how they apply to their product sale. A friendly sea otter will guide them through the activities as they learn along the way. Girls will also be able to access the activities from previous years “Nut Factory” and “Honey Bee Adventure” websites to further enhance the learning experience!

Activity - Goal Poster
Girls from Daisies to Ambassadors can use this poster for goal tracking and other fun activities! One side contains safety and selling tips as well as an activity on the 5 skills and a brief story about what a troop did with the funds they raised from their sale. The other side contains a handy goal poster for tracking their sales success. Additional copies can be downloaded at whatcanagirldo.com.

QSP Online Program
GSSJC is participating with the QSP Online Program for nuts, magazines and photo keepsakes. You will be asked to register yourself and your Girl Scout. There is an interactive learning activity for your Girl Scout to complete. Once completed, you will be able to enter email addresses for friends and family that you think would like to support your Girl Scout troop and the Council. Emails can be personalized, and your Girl Scout can earn the online patch for entering 12 or more email addresses. The troop also earns proceeds for every item sold online during the sale dates.

Troops keep 25 percent of the proceeds they earn from selling nuts and candy and $2 for each magazine subscription or photo keepsake ordered. You can show your support for Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council by renewing your current magazine subscriptions, ordering a new magazine, or giving gift subscriptions or photo keepsakes to friends, relatives or business associates.

  • Girl Rewards
    If a girl sells a total of 50 total items, including at least one magazine or photo keepsake, she will receive the small plush sea otter named Ollie.
  • Nuts/Candy 
    Product line includes 14 nut/candy items. New items are: 
    • Crunchy English Butter Toffee: handcrafted in small batches and drenched in milk chocolate
    • Almond Cran-Orange Crunch: almonds and cranberries coated in a delicate orange confection 
  • Project Thank You 
    A service project that girls can offer to friends and family to purchase nuts or magazine vouchers to support Operation Gratitude and the USO.