How do I become a volunteer?

Bet you thought you couldn’t be a Girl Scout if you’ve never been one.  It’s not too late.  Girl Scouts come in all age groups and we want you to have the opportunity to become an adult member by volunteering.  Not much time to donate?  No problem.  We’ll match your needs with the needs of girls. Participate once a month, on weekends, evenings, during a particular time of year – it’s your call.  Make it happen for you and for today’s girls.

Make an investment in the future

According to the inaugural study of the Girl Scout Research Institute, "Girls Speak Out: Teens Before Their Time," our nation's girls are caught in a state of 'age compression' in which they are bombarded with images and choices that are beyond their maturity level. This study confirms that today, more than ever before, girls need a trusted adult role model to relate to as they journey through their youth into adulthood.

Don't wait, volunteer today!


Basic Qualifications

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • Current Membership in Girl Scouts of the USA
    *GSUSA Membership Dues of $15 go to the national organization to pay for accident insurance covering participation in approved Girl Scout activities, program research and resources, training and services to councils.
  • Flexible attitude and sense of humor
  • Be a positive role model for tomorrow’s leaders

Application process

Submit a Volunteer Application, three Volunteer References, Background Check Release (Council will collect references & initiate background check.)

    1. Complete oral interview
    2. Complete orientation/training
    3. Receive appointment
    4. Sign volunteer agreement
    5. HAVE FUN!
    *GSUSA Membership Dues of $15 go to the national organization to pay for accident insurance covering participation in approved Girl Scout activities, program research and resources, training and services to councils.

There are many ways in which you can help a young lady live her dreams.

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Opportunities Available

Being a Girl Scout volunteer will give you a chance to meet new people, spend your time meaningfully, use your talents and skills, and learn new ones. Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council offer adults an exciting opportunity to partner with an organization of timeless character, genuine purpose, and far-reaching promise; the promise that Girl Scouting is for every girl, everywhere. The girls and the community will benefit as you help girls build self-esteem and decision-making skills. Girl Scouting also gives parents an opportunity to spend quality time with their daughters.

New Experiences

Girl Scouting is much more than cookies and camping. Girl Scouts of all ages learn about a wide variety of topics by working on badges, going on field trips, or doing service projects in their community. Troop leaders share in the fun and excitement as girls experience new challenges. Imagine yourself visiting NASA with a group of girls to learn about being an astronaut, wandering through an art museum, learning about other cultures, or going on a nature hike. As a guide and role model for girls, Girl Scout volunteers help girls be the best they can be.

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Volunteering can be flexible

Flexibility is the key for Girl Scout volunteers. You volunteer on your terms when you have the time. Your troop can meet weekly or twice a month. Most Girl Scout troop activities are scheduled after school and on weekends. Responsibility for a troop is shared between two or more leaders. Or you can help by organizing a field trip or helping with the Girl Scout Cookie Sale.

Males in Girl Scouting

Girl Scouting has volunteer opportunities for both men and women at the troop level. Men may volunteer with troop activities as a Do-Dad. The Do-Dad program gives adult males an opportunity to share their skills, help girls earn badges, and conduct service projects. Men can also assist with troop meetings and the Cookie Sale.


Corporate Volunteers

GSSJC is committed to an expansion of Girl Scouting to our registered girls who have no troop leaders. GSSJC recruits adult volunteers from corporations to become troop leaders. GSSJC provides all training materials, classroom instruction, and a special corporate membership team to make sure newly recruited troop leaders have a memorable Girl Scout experience.

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