Questions Regarding Training & GSSJC’s Way of Work

For our currently trained Troop Leaders, Advisors, and Volunteers:

This summer we will be offering three enrichment days full of information to assist you.  At each one of these days, we will begin with a morning session (three hours in length) titled “New Leadership Experience Overview for Girl Scouts”.  This session will provide hands on, in-depth exploration of rough draft copies of new materials from GSUSA, a how-to about adapting our current materials to the new leadership model, as well as an explanation of why and how we got to this point.  The schedule for these enrichment days is:

  • June 14, 2008 - Teen Advisor Train In
  • July 12, 2008 - Daisy/Brownie Train In
  • July 26, 2008 - Junior Train In

In addition to these very important morning sessions, the afternoons will be filled with courses designed to enhance your experience with the girls. This course will also serve as the recommended training for leaders moving to new grade levels. The Journey materials for girls and adults will be available in the Council shops sometime during the summer, pending receipt from GSUSA.

For our currently trained Troop Leaders, Advisors, and Volunteers who are unavailable this summer:

We will be offering this overview during some of our fall and winter training sessions when we are conducting our Program Leadership Training (PLT) and/or Teen Advisor sessions for new leaders. Arrangements are ongoing so please check the course offerings on our website or the Golden Link for the latest information about where to find these sessions. Leaders are encouraged to purchase the Adult Volunteer Journey set for the grade level they will be working with prior to attending these sessions. Leaders will be strongly encouraged to attend enrichment courses in the future, in order to further develop their skills, but no future training will be required when they progress to different levels with the troop! 

For our New Troop Leaders and Advisors taking training beginning August 24, 2008:

Program Leadership Training (PLT) and Teen Advisor Training will be updated to include all of the current information about Girl Scouts. This will include the information that was presented to current leaders during the summer. These courses will now cost $15 and will include a complete Adult Volunteer set for a Journey.  When registering, you will be asked to state what level you will be working with. The Journey materials for that level will be provided for you at the training session.  For those leaders with multi-level troops, please let us know which level you request. Only one Journey level Adult Volunteer set per leader is provided. However, you may purchase Journeys for other levels if you need them without attending additional trainings. These can be purchased from any of the GSSJC shops in the area.

Home Studies are Under Construction!

The home studies for Basic Leadership Training (BLT) and Daisy, Brownie, Junior, and Teen Advisor are currently unavailable. They are “under construction” to reflect the changes that will be included in our classroom sessions. They will be offered again as soon as the revisions are completed. However, there will be some changes!  BLT will have a new video (either VHS or DVD format) but will still cost $15 to cover materials and postage. The Daisy, Brownie, and Junior home studies will now be called “PLT” and will cost $20 to cover postage and the cost of one Adult Volunteer Journey set. When registering for the home study, participants will be asked to identify the one Journey set they need to complete the course. The Teen Advisor home study will cover the Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador level and will also cost $20. As with the PLT home study, participants will be asked to identify which Adult Volunteer Journey set they require. Only one Journey set per course will be provided.