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Elderly and Youth Benefit from Community Service Projects
Earning Girl Scouts the Prestigious Gold Award

Fashion Statement: I am loved

Does fashion make a statement when you're elderly? Yes. However, it sometimes says, "I need help! I don't have clothes to wear on a daily basis." While visiting nursing homes in her area, Caroline S. noticed that some of the residents wore the same clothes almost every day. "I decided to create a clothes closet for seniors living in nursing homes," said Sommer.

Caroline had the help of churches, friends and family to accomplish her goal. "Crosspoint Church and West University Baptist Church were very generous to allow me to utilize the excess clothing they had from the Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts," said Caroline. "I also worked with Star of Hope to accept donations they could not use."

After speaking with church members about her project and needs, Caroline had volunteers to sort the clothing to launder it. Later the clothes were sorted by size on racks. The final step to complete the project was to donate the closet to Crosspoint Church who decided to keep the closet open and available through out the year.

This Gold Award winner is college bound and looking forward to majoring in Early Childhood Education.

CSI - Elementary Style

With the advent of forensic television shows like CSI and Crossing Jordan, children have developed an interest in science in the classroom. Erin E. organized a science night for the parents and students at Pilgrim Lutheran School in Kindergarten through fifth grades.

"This was really a group effort," said Erin. "I had the help of my Girl Scout friends and family members. Once I recruited my 49 volunteers, I taught them a science experiment to do in each class. I was amazed to have 88 people attend the event!" This well-organized event had several booths with a different activity at each one for the children. "I also had to collect all the materials for each booth," said Erin. "It was really fun working with students, parents and teachers."

The students weren't the only ones who learned something from this Gold Award project. "I learned that to be a good leader I have to always be prepared," said Erin. "I have always enjoyed working with children, so I was excited to work with my former elementary school."

Erin is a senior at Bellaire High School who is looking forward to attending a college or university majoring in Math or Science to pursue a career as a dentist.

Caroline and Erin are two exceptional girls who have earned Girl Scouting's highest achievement, the Gold Award. Girl Scouts who earn this award have demonstrated leadership skills, career planning, community involvement, and personal development. It takes two to three years of intensive work to complete all the requirements for the award. Less than five percent of girls who join Girl Scouts earn this recognition. A major component of earning the Gold Award is planning and completing a Gold Award Project that is a service to Girl Scouts and/or the community.

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