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Girl Scout Seniors Awarded More than $60,000 in Scholarships by The Emerald Circle

Earning the Girl Scout Gold Award is a defining achievement in the lives of more than 100 Girl Scouts each year in Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council (GSSJC). Not only is the Gold Award the highest achievement in Girl Scouting, it is an exercise in leadership in which girls spend more than 60 hours planning and implementing a project that is a service to their community.

In recognition of the hard work and dedication that goes along with achieving the Gold Award, The Emerald Circle, an auxiliary group of GSSJC, offers Gold Awardees the chance to apply for Gold Award Merit Scholarships. The Emerald Circle has awarded $283,000 in Gold Award Merit Scholarships since 1996. This year, The Emerald Circle awarded a record setting 38 scholarships, totaling $60,000, at GSSJC’s annual Senior Recognition event.

The Emerald Circle raises funds to award these scholarships through membership dues, private donations and luncheon fees. Girl Scout families, who honor of their family’s Scouting legacy, fund several scholarships. One of these, the Kingsbery/Craig Scholarship, is directed towards girls who pursue engineering careers, as this is a key interest for the family.

The Emerald Circle also awards scholarships to previous Gold Award Merit Scholarship recipients who are continuing their pursuit of higher education, calling these scholarships the Future Leaders Scholarships. This year, three college students were selected for the Future Leaders Scholarships.

Scholarship recipients include:

  • Ervan Chew Memorial Scholarship – given by Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council Board of Directors
    • Kimberly M.
  • Kingsbery/Craig Gold Award Scholarship – given by Kay Craig in honor of the family’s Scouting legacy to a student pursuing engineering
    • Diana B.
    • Patricia E.
    • Melanie T
  • Craig & Heidt Gold Award Scholarship – given by Craig & Heidt, Inc. to a student pursuing engineering
    • Emily C.
  • Marie Lawson & Webster Family Scholarship – given by the Webster Family in honor of the family’s Scouting legacy
    • Katherine W.
  • Halliburton Scholarship – given by the Halliburton Foundation to a student pursuing engineering
    • Lisa N.
    • Cynthia V.
  • The Emerald Circle Gold Award Merit Scholarship
    • Kyli A.
    • Kathryn B.
    • Catherine C.
    • Sonya C.
    • Daria D.
    • Erin E.
    • Nicole E.
    • Tarina F.
    • Bailey G.
    • Laura G.
    • Dionna J.
    • Kelly K.
    • Jennifer L.
    • Mona L.
    • Michelle M.
    • Barbara M.
    • Nikita M.
    • Sarah M.
    • Hana N.
    • Amanda O.
    • Calli P.
    • Alexandra S.
    • Sarah S.
    • Caroline S.
    • Alexandra W.
    • Michelle W.
    • Sally W.
  • Future Leaders Scholarships
    • Karen A.
    • Katherine T.
    • Mimi Z.

For more information about The Emerald Circle, The Emerald Circle Gold Award Merit Scholarships, or Future Leaders Scholarships, please contact Jenna Taylor at 713-292-0346 or

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