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The $790 million Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the country and generates immeasurable benefits for girls, their councils and communities nationwide. The 2014 Girl Scout Cookie Program takes place January 11 – March 30. Troop leaders – find out about more dates!

Get the facts about Girl Scout Cookies

Our Cookies

The new cookie for 2014 is the Cranberry Citrus Crisp, a crispy cookie made with whole grain, full of tangy cranberry bits and zesty citrus flavor.

Our cookies are provided by ABC Bakers. The cost per package of cookies is $4. Eight varieties of cookies are available this year including Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Peanut Butter Patties, Shortbread, Thanks-A-Lot, Lemonades and the all-new Cranberry Citrus Crisp.

GSSJC Pilots Gluten Free Cookie

GSSJC will be piloting, in limited supply, the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie. This cookie will only be available from February 21 through March 30 and offered by selected troops throughout the Council. After February 21 to locate a troop near you selling these cookies, please call our Cookie Hotline at 1-888-GS-COOKIES.

The cost of the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie is $5 per package. Find out more information about this cookie.

What do girls learn from the Girl Scout Cookie Program?

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a unique activity for girls. Participation is voluntary, but the experiences girls gain and the leadership skills they acquire last a lifetime. Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program girls develop five essential skills:

  • Goal setting
  • Decision making
  • Money management
  • People skills
  • Business ethics

During the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls are members of a team working towards a common goal with each girl striving to do her best. Girls set cookie goals to support their chosen activities for the year, like funding community service projects, attending resident camp or even traveling.

Where does the money go?mission of girlscout cookies

All of the proceeds - every penny - earned through the Council's cookie activities remain in the community where the cookies are sold.

Less than a third of the selling price of a package of Girl Scout cookies goes toward the actual cost of the cookies. This means that more than two thirds of every Girl Scout cookie purchase goes toward programs and services to benefit girls, some of it directly by remaining in the Girl Scout troop/group treasury and some of it indirectly by subsidizing the cost of providing the Girl Scout program in the local area.

Money from Girl Scout Cookies helps local councils:

  • Recruit and train volunteer adults to work with girls.
  • Provide the financial assistance needed to make Girl Scouting available for all girls.
  • Improve and maintain camp and other activity sites.
  • Keep event/camp fees for all members to a minimum.
  • Sponsor special events and projects.

The price per box of cookies may vary from one part of the country to another, from council to council and from one year to the next. Today's prices reflect the current cost of purchasing cookies from a licensed baker, the increased cost of ingredients, and the realities of providing Girl Scout activities in an ever-changing economic environment.

Cookie Share Program

Want to support Girl Scouts but don't want the cookies?

You can donate your cookie purchase through the Cookie Share Program. Cookies are distributed to local non-profit organizations and girls benefit from the opportunity to provide a service to their community. Everyone benefits!

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