The Mother/Daughter Host Committee consists of families which include multiple generations of Girl Scouts. They understand first-hand the potential of a girl who has courage, confidence and character. We thank our Host Committee for not only their dedication to Success to Significance but for their belief and support of Girl Scouting over the years.

Margaret and Elizabeth Carrell

Lisa, Rylie, Laine and Aidan Cohen

Trisel, Bria, Jackera and Trianna Davis

Dawn, Candace and Lindsey Donaldson

Sherry and Demme Durrett

Tami, Kate and Anna Joslin

Irene and Michele Fraga, Alisa Fraga-Kautzmann and Marissa Kautzmann

Jennifer, Drew, Abigail, and Lillian Mahan

Dawn and Kimberly Rawson, Barbie Rawson-Holman

Sybil F. Roos, Ginger and Rebecca Bertrand, Catherine Cook, Elizabeth Garlinger, and Aimee Arrington

Helene, Brittney, Erin and Michelle Sheena

For inquiries regarding the Host Committee contact Emily Adkison at or 713-292-0354.


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