FAQs About Volunteering


Q: Can I volunteer to be a Girl Scout troop leader?
A:  Yes, you can! Sharing the leadership role with at least one other adult volunteer, you can lead a group of girls as a troop leader. Basic training classes will provide you with troop leadership skills, while community meetings will keep you informed of Council happenings and program information. In addition, you can select the age level you wish to work with and the troop’s meeting place, day and time.   

Q:  My personal time is limited. Can I still be a Girl Scout volunteer?
A:  Yes. Adults can choose to participate in short-term or one-time volunteer opportunities that best match their skills, talents or interests. Examples include teaching girls to sail, interpreting for parents at a membership recruitment event, playing piano to accompany the Girl Scout choir, serving as a committee member to plan a Council fundraising effort, conducting a nature walk at a local day camp, or completing paperwork to register girls and adults. Look for volunteer opportunities through the Volunteer Opportunities Menu.                  

Q:  What girl program level is best for me?
A:  Individually Registered Girl Between K-12 can participate in various Girl Scout Pathways – Troop/Camping/Series/Events

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Q:  Do men have a place in Girl Scouts?
A: Certainly!  Every volunteer and staff position in Girl Scouts is open to qualified men, as well as women. Most commonly, men join Girl Scouts and volunteer to work with a troop as a “Do-Dad.” This Council program allows dads to spend quality time with their daughters and offer support to the troop leadership team.  Any male, not enrolled in high school, 18 or older, who is important in the life of a Girl Scout, is eligible to become a Do-Dad. 

Q:  How much will it cost me to be a Girl Scout volunteer?
A:  Women and men over the age of 17, not enrolled in high school, can join Girl Scouts as adult or Lifetime members. Annual dues are $15. Girl Scout uniforms are not required for girls or adults. However, related expenses such as personal transportation, program event fees and uniforms are discretionary and fall under the responsibility of the volunteer. Financial assistance is available. 

Q: What is the volunteer selection process?
A:  Adults who work with girls are carefully selected. Prospective volunteers who want to work directly with girls undergo a comprehensive application process, which includes a criminal background check and requires two personal references. 

Q: Are there volunteer opportunities for corporate employee groups?
A:  Yes. Corporate employee groups can find volunteer opportunities through the Volunteer Opportunities Menu. Groups can also request special girl projects related to their industry or profession. Such projects may include a medical career day sponsored by a group of health care professionals; a series of math and science workshops sponsored by a group of engineers; or a money management program sponsored by a group of financial consultants.               

Q:  How do I get started as a Girl Scout volunteer?
A:  For more information about how to become a Girl Scout volunteer, call the Membership Department at 713-292-0300 or 800-392-4340 or email cteague@sjgs.org.

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