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Gold Award Girl Scouts

Issues of the world, meet your match. 

Gold Award Girl Scouts are the dreamers and the doers who take “make the world a better place” to the next level.

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the mark of the truly remarkable—proof that not only can she make a difference, but that she already has.

Seniors and Ambassadors who earn the Gold Award tackle issues that are dear to them and drive lasting change in their communities and beyond. Think of the Gold Award as a key that can open doors to scholarships, preferred admission tracks for college, and amazing career opportunities.

You can pursue your Girl Scout Gold Award if:

You're in high school (ninth through twelfth grade) 


You're registered as a Girl Scout Senior or Girl Scout Ambassador


You have completed two Senior or Ambassador Journeys OR earned the Girl Scout Silver Award and completed a Journey


You have completed GSSJC's Gold Award Orientation

Girl Scout Gold Award Steps

Identify an issue


Investigate your issue thoroughly


Get help and build your team


Create a plan


Present your plan and gather feedback 


Take action


Educate and inspire

New Gold Award Process: GoGold Online

As of January 1, 2019 the Gold Award process has moved to an online platform. To get started, register for your GoGold Online account. This is the first step in writing your Gold Award Project Proposal. Please remember to contact your Gold Award Mentor and work with her on your Project Proposal before you submit your application to the council.

GoGold Online

Building your proposal and writing your final report has never been easier. GoGold will guide you along each of the seven project steps and auto-save your progress. GoGold can also be accessed on smartphones and tablets.

Please keep in mind that in addition to the project proposal and final report, GSSJC has required supplemental forms, which can be found within Step 5 of GoGold. Additionally, your Gold Award Mentor must review each of these documents before you submit to the Review Board. Once the project proposal is reviewed by the Review Board you will be notified by the Gold Award Manager by email either informing you that your project has been approved or asking for necessary revisions. After completion of your project, a Final Report along with additional material uploads (including a required presentation) will be required before final approval of a Gold Award.

Jan. 1 - Feb. 15  Emerald Circle Spring scholarship applications are accepted 
March 31 Deadline for approval of final reports to be invited to the council’s Gold Award Ceremony in May
July 1 Deadline for submission of Project Proposals for graduated high school seniors
Sept. 15 - Nov. 1  Emerald Circle Fall scholarship applications are accepted
Sept. 30 For graduated seniors, Final Reports must be reviewed by your Gold Award Mentor and submitted to council via Go Gold Online by Sept. 30

Please note that for the Emerald Circle Scholarships the Spring application is reserved for those who earn their Gold Award before the Feb 15th application deadline and expect to graduate high school later than that calendar year.  The Fall application opportunity is reserved for those graduating seniors who earned their Gold Award after the Spring application deadline (Feb 15th). 

Forms and Resources

Please keep in mind that your Gold Award Mentor’s job is to make sure you are in compliance with council guidelines and deadlines.  Her goal is for you to be successful! In order for her to help you do that, please be sure to keep your mentor up-to-date with your progress and any speed bumps you run into along the way.

If you have any additional questions regarding Gold Award, please contact the GSSJC Gold Award Manager at or 713-292-0300