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Volunteer with the Cookie Program

Our cookie bosses are part of the largest girl-led business in the country and largest financial literacy program in the world, but their success wouldn't be possible without our volunteers.

Help your Girl Scout succeed by volunteering with the Cookie Program! Below are three quick ways you can get started. You can also talk to your troop cookie manager about how you can assist him/her during the program. 

When she has her family's support, there's nothing a Girl Scout can't do!

Become a Troop Cookie Manager

Been thinking about helping out with your Girl Scout’s troop but aren’t sure where to start? Why not help out during the sweetest time of the year – cookie season! The troop cookie manager ensures the program goes smoothly for the troop each year, and we’re betting your troop leader would love a little extra help!

As troop cookie manager, this adult manages troop cookie funds, gathers permission forms, helps girls set and achieve their goals, picks up cookies from cookie cupboards and coordinates pick-up by girls. Because this position is so involved, we’ve found that the most successful troops have a troop cookie manager who is not one of the troop leaders. (If one person has both roles, they’ll likely get burned out from the number of projects they have to keep organized.)

We also want troops to continue with non-cookie programming throughout the program, including earning badges and going on field trips, like they do the rest of the year–and this is much easier to make happen if one person is in charge of the sale while another is in charge of outings and meetings.

Want to step up and help out? Talk to your Girl Scout’s troop leader, then head to our Cookie Basics page for more information on getting started a troop cookie manager.


Become a Cookie Cupboard

A cupboard manager is a dedicated volunteer who has agreed to store cookies in their home or manage an outside facility stocked with Girl Scout cookies. Cookie cupboards store anywhere from 500 – 5,000 cases of cookies. The cupboard managers help a steady stream of volunteers with picking up additional cases of cookies. Cupboard managers should be available during the months of February and March, be available to receive cookie deliveries, have access to the internet and a computer/tablet and have some knowledge of managing inventory.

Have fun, get exercise and make friends while helping count and load cookies for troops. Volunteers can be parents, husbands, friends, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and pretty much anyone over the age of 18 who wants to support Girl Scouts.

The more volunteers, the shorter the wait time for troop cookie managers picking up cookies. Volunteer for eight hours or more and get a special patch. Opportunities exists at the Girl Scout Center, in Conroe and other areas of the council. To volunteer, send an email to

Want to go a step further? Volunteer to run a cupboard and be a cupboard manager. The more cupboard managers we have, the easier it is for troop cookie managers to pick up additional cookies.

To volunteer to be a cupboard manager, contact Tristan Hamilton at


Become a Friends and Family Volunteer

Not a registered member but want to join to help with the Cookie Program? We're sure your troop leader would love to have you. Join now as a friends and family volunteer which will allow you to do things like help pick up cookies at Mega Drop or act as the responsible adult at a cookie booth.