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2022 Cookie Program

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is about so much more than cookies. It’s about your leadership journey and a great way for them to fund troop activities.

The Cookie Program is also a fantastic way for your Girl Scout to learn five skills that will transfer over into other areas of her life. Sure, learning money management will likely help her when she's in high school, college or beginning her professional life. But you might also notice she is more responsible with her allowance now.

Plus, every girl who participates in the Cookie Program is helping make her Girl Scout experience possible. Does she love to camp? Proceeds from the case of Shortbread cookies she sells to the next-door neighbor may help feed her favorite horse at Camp Misty Meadows! Participation in the Cookie Program also helps to keep activity costs low for everyone.

The Cookie Program isn’t just about cookies – it’s about giving girls a valuable life experience that will help shape them into young women who grow up to be smart, responsible citizens of the world. And we can all agree that we want to raise girls who develop these positive traits.

Want more information? Click on the green arrows now to get a quick overview of everything you need to know about the 2022 Cookie Program.

Get Started!
Support your Girl Scout’s Cookie Program success 
  • Register your Girl Scout for the 2021-2022 membership year.
  • Complete the Parent Permission and Responsibility form at
  • Review Family Guide.
  • Attend your troop’s cookie meeting for 2022 Cookie Program information.
  • Join the Team! Volunteer to help with the Cookie Program. Whether you can spare a little or a lot of time, there is a place you. It couldn’t happen without the involvement of parents like you.
Cookie Family Guide

You’ve got mail! Family Guides will arrive in your mailbox in mid-January.

Key Dates
Important dates for your Girl Scout’s participation in the 2022 Cookie Program:

January 12: Troop Orders Due
The troop will hold a meeting to share important information about the Cookie Program and help each girl set her personal goals. Use the Parent SIO Worksheet(hyperlink) to calculate your Girl Scout’s order and determine if her and her troop will earn the starting inventory order reward.   

January 24: Girls receive registration link to access ABC Smart Cookies website
Check your inbox for a registration email from to access your daughter’s cookie website account. 

January 25: Be a Digital Rock Star! 
Our Parent/girl webinar “Be a Digital Rock Star!” will now be pre-recorded and available to watch on demand. Enjoy the new self-paced webinar covering the 2022 Cookie Program and ABC Smart Cookies on your own time.  

February 3: The Cookies are here!
Troops will begin to receive their cookie orders and will then distribute cookies to girls. Ask your troop leader or cookie manager how you can help with picking up, sorting or distributing cookies within the troop. They would appreciate the support! 

February 12: It’s Cookie Time! The Sale Starts Today
It’s everyone’s favorite time of year- Girl Scout Cookie Season! Your Girl Scout can begin selling cookies to friends, family and everyone who can’t wait to get their hands on their favorite cookies. See “Ways to Sell Cookies” for additional information. 

February 18: Cookie Booths Start
Troops in our council can begin hosting cookie booths outside local businesses and locations across our community. You can register as a Friends and Family volunteer for your troop to participate in a cookie booth with your Girl Scout. 

February 18-20: National Girl Scouts Cookie Weekend
Whether it’s door-to-door sales or cookie booths, this is the weekend to get out and sell cookies. 

March 31: 2022 Cookie Program ends
Congratulations on your Girl Scout completing the 2022 Cookie Program! It’s time to celebrate! 

Meet the Cookies!
Girl Recognitions
5 Skills at Work

Every package of Girl Scout Cookies contains so much more than cookies. For customers, the cookies provide a delicious way to support girls on their Girl Scout journey. For girls, every package includes new skills, fun, friendship, unforgettable experiences, and forever memories. When your Girl Scout takes part in the cookie program, she is learning and practicing 5 Skills she will use all her life.

Goal Setting: Girls learn how to set goals to meet deadlines, plan for how to achieve a goal, change actions when necessary and work with others to achieve goals in a group. 

Decision Making: Girls learn how to think through different choices, explain reasons why they made a decision, decide between various options and consider others’ input when making group decisions. 

Money Management: Girls learn how to count money and make change, create a plan to save their money, track their money so they know how much they have and distinguish the difference between wants and needs.

People Skills: Girls learn how to be respectful of others, take responsibility for what they say and do, keep their promises and to be accountable.

Business Ethics: Girls learn to set schedules, keep commitments and work with customers. Girls also learn about making and keeping commitments to their team.

How Many Cookies Should We Order
Help! How many cookies should my Girl Scout order?

Attend a meeting with your troop to discuss goals and how many packages each girl needs for the Starting Inventory Order to earn the SIO rewards. See more information on the Parent SIO Worksheet. To find this form go to forms and search for "paretn sio form."  A PDF and Excel document are available. 

Below is a chart to help Troop Cookie Managers calculate how many total cookies to order:

Girls in your troop/150 packages per girl 

 10 girls        12 girls         15 girls            20 girls

 125 cases    150 cases     188 cases        250 cases

Ways to Sell Cookies in 2022

However you choose to participate in the Cookie Program, mark your calendars for National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend which is scheduled for Feb. 18-20. People will be on the lookout for Girl Scout Cookies that weekend so it is an especially great time for booth sales and Walkabouts. 

Below is a list of different ways to sell cookies in 2022.

Contactless selling– Technology provides contactless options for participation in the Cookie Program, including a girl’s Smart Cookie Online Store, other online platforms such as Zoom and Virtual Cookie Booths.

Booths– Both Traditional and Troop Secured as well as Lemonade Stands are allowed, subject to all safety guidelines and GSSJC’s COVID-19 protocols being followed. For the complete list of the council’s COVID-19 protocols, see

Door-to-door – Did you know that door-to-door sales remains one of the most effective ways to sell cookies? In a recent national study, 78% of those customers who were not approached during a cookie sale stated they would have purchased two to four boxes if asked. Be sure to follow the safety and COVID guidelines specifically for in-person/door-to-door sales.

Walkabouts – This is an organized version of door-to-door sales in which Girl Scouts go through a specific neighborhood to sell cookies. It’s an especially fun way for troops to sell together, with different pairs of girls taking different streets, etc. If everyone participating wears a Girl Scout T-shirt or vest, Walkabouts can create a lot of good energy and visibility. 

Covid Protocols
COVID protocols for selling Girl Scout Cookies

As the situation around COVID changes month to month, be sure to check online at before the start of the sale for the most up-to-date Girl Scout guidelines for safely selling cookies. As always, also monitor your county's health organization guidelines.

Social Media

Social Media Guidelines 

Keep it Girl-led: 

Girls 13 and older may use their social media accounts with parent permission.  

For girls under 13, parents/guardians may promote the girl’s online cookie storefront with direct girl involvement. 

OK Post: My daughter Miranda is selling Girl Scout Cookies this year to go camping. If you are interested in supporting Miranda, visit her online storefront using this link and watch her video or leave a comment with the best time to reach you. Miranda will contact you after February 6 to deliver your cookies in person or you can have them direct-shipped to you now.  

NOT OK: My daughter is selling Girl Scout Cookies. Leave a comment with your order.  

Be Safe: 

Girls using online sales and marketing must review and apply the Digital Marketing Tips for Cookie Entrepreneurs and Their Families. 

Girls, volunteers and parents must adhere to the Girl Scout Safety Pledge and Safety Activity Checkpoints for Computer and Internet Use and Cookie and Product Sales (with the exception that they may share beyond family and friends.) 

Storefront links should never be posted to online resale sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craig’s List,  Nextdoor. etc.  Note: A Facebook post containing “$”may automatically move the post to Facebook Marketplace. Disable the automated function to prevent this from happening. 

Social media ads are not allowed.  

Never use a girl’s last name, contact information or address when using social media. 

Girls should NEVER direct message on social media platforms. 

Use the online storefront link for customer orders. 

Parent/Guardian must approve all girl-delivered online orders and supervise all communications and product delivery logistics. Girls should never deliver cookies alone, especially to the homes of strangers without an adult present. 

GSUSA and GSSJC reserves the right to remove or disable the link for any reason, including violations of guidance, inventory/fulfillment issues, safety issues, or if sales and marketing activity goes viral and otherwise creates unanticipated disruption.  

Safety Tips
Safety tips while selling cookies  

Since its founding in 1912, girl safety has always been a primary focus in every aspect of Girl Scouts. Following the tips below can help assure the Cookie Program is both a safe and a fun experience for the Girl Scouts who participate. 

Show you are a Girl Scout: Wear the Girl Scout membership pin, vest or sash or other Girl Scout clothing (e.g., Girl Scout T-Shirt) to identify yourself as a Girl Scout.

Buddy up: Always use the buddy system. Not only is it safe, it’s also more fun. 

Be streetwise: Become familiar with the areas and neighborhoods where you will be selling your Girl Scout Cookies with your parent's or guardian's approval or supervision. 

Partner with adults: If you are a Daisy, Brownie or Junior, only take or deliver orders when you are accompanied by an adult family member. If you are a Cadette, Senior or Ambassador, go door-to-door only with a buddy and parental approval. At troop cookie booths, one of the two supervising adults must have a current background check and always be present at a cookie booth with the girls. 

Do not enter: While selling or delivering cookies, never enter anyone’s home, not even if they are friends or neighbors you know. 

Plan ahead: Be prepared for emergencies, and always have a plan for safeguarding money. Give money to your troop cookie manager to deposit as soon as possible. Don’t forget to get a receipt.

Sell in the daytime: Sell only during daylight hours, unless accompanied by an adult. 

Be internet savvy: Read and sign the Internet Safety Pledge. Make sure you have adult permission and supervision for online activities. Detailed social media guidelines can be found in the family guide. 

Protect privacy: Girls’ names, addresses and email addresses should never be given out to customers. Instead, a designated adult’s phone number and/or group email address overseen by an adult should be given for re-orders or complaints. 

Be safe on the road: Always follow safe pedestrian practices, especially when crossing at intersections or walking along roadways. Be aware of traffic when unloading cookies and passengers from vehicles. 

Cookie Share/Cookies4Heroes
Cookies4Heroes/CookieShare: A sweet way to say thank you! 

Our council’s Cookie Share Program is called Cookies4Heroes. Girls can encourage customers who don’t want cookies for themselves to select this option when ordering online or in-person. (If buying online, there is a $1.25 processing fee.)

After the Cookie Program ends, Cookies4Heroes orders are sent by the council and/or troops to local first responders and organizations that support the military. Eligible troops participate in some deliveries. 

All monies received as donations are considered Cookies4Heroes donations. For example, if someone says, "Keep the change," the change goes toward Cookies4Heroes cookies.

Girls who sell 12 packages for Cookies4Heroes earn a special patch. And those reach the 30-package level also receive a pair of koala-themed socks. In addition, the girl’s troop is eligible to help deliver the cookies.

In 2021, our council provided 39,012 packages of Girl Scout Cookies to Cookies4Heroes recipients. We hope to surpass that number in 2022. 

Join the Team: Volunteer

Be a troop cookie manager!  Short-term role with big impact

Girls in troops with a troop cookie manager tend to have a more successful experience in the Cookie Program than those in troops where the troop leader tries to cover both jobs. And when both positions are filled, the troop can continue with core Girl Scout activities as well as participating in the Cookie Program.

Want to step up and help out? Talk to your Girl Scout’s troop leader.

Volunteer at a cookie cupboard

Are you looking for a guilt-free way to skip the gym? Join Girl Scout  parents and guardians, their family members and friends who volunteer at cookie cupboards. Volunteers should be: 

  • at least 18
  • like being active
  • enjoy being around fun people
  • interested in being part of a “Great American Tradition.”

Cupboard volunteers help to reduce wait times to pick up cookies so troop cookie managers can get back to their day. Opportunities exist across the council during February and March. 

For more information send an email with your contact information to

Sign up now!

Not a registered member but want to join to help with the Cookie Program? We're sure your troop leader would love to have you. Join now as a friends and family volunteer, which will allow you to do things such as help pick up cookies at Mega Drop or act as the responsible adult at a cookie booth.

Important Links
For Troop Cookie Managers

Thank you for supporting your Girl Scout’s leadership journey through the Cookie Program! Important information and resources for cookie volunteers are available in the Online Community. Once you log in, be sure to visit the Cookie – Troop site.


Pitch us Your Pitch: Feb 12- March 12

This is a social media campaign hosted by San Jacinto Council. We want to hear from girls who are selling Girl Scout Cookies. There are several ways to participate:

  1. Record your Girl Scout as she delivers her best “cookie pitch” and tells us why she enjoys being a Girl Scout.
  2. Camera shy? No problem! Send us a written message of your Girl Scout’s “cookie pitch” and tell us why she enjoys being a Girl Scout.

Some submissions will be featured on our council Facebook page. No personal or contact information for girls will be published, including cookie storefront links.

Email videos or photos and messages to with the subject line: Pitch us your pitch. Girls who are featured on our council’s Facebook page will receive a small gift.

Adventurefuls Campaign: Dates to be announced soon

This is a social media campaign hosted by Girl Scouts of the USA to celebrate the new Adventurefuls cookie and encourage girls to embrace the great outdoors and exciting outdoor activities. Check back soon for additional details and be sure to follow our council’s Facebook page!