Volunteer Award Nomination Form

If you know of a volunteer(s) or community partner who goes over and above the expectations for their role, and who is always eager to learn more through Council trainings—nominate them for a National or Council award! It takes five easy steps:

1. Start by reviewing the volunteer work of a nominee and ensuring that all her/his activities are documented on a current Volunteer Service Record (F-122)

a. Are they a registered member in good standing (current and not on the Debt List)?
b. What positions have they held and for how long?
c. What training have they taken?
d. What have they done beyond their role to stand out and exemplify the Girl Scout model?

2. Read through ALL nomination materials (available on the Forms site or online form) to understand what needs to be submitted for a complete award nomination. Online nomination form must be completed in one sitting and with all nomination letters attached for submission.

3. Solicit three letters of endorsement from other volunteers who have worked with the nominee, or benefited from their hard work. These endorsers should be named as signers on the nomination form.

4. This online form submits a nomination for all of our National Awards and the following Council Awards: Key, Lifetime Achievement and Continuing Service Award.  All other awards still require paper nomination submissions including the Family Award, Community Awards, Ervan Chew Award and the President’s Award—see links to these forms below. If you have any questions, please contact Volunteer Experience at 713 292-0254.

*All paper forms are available under Forms on the GSSJC website or in the links below.

5. Submit the online form with required documents attached (or all paper forms) to the Council Adult Recognition Committee by the due date of February 15 for Adult Recognition Event, March 15 for spring Community events and 6-8 weeks ahead for all other events. The first signer on the nomination will be contacted following review by the committee. Committee review takes 3-8 weeks.

Nomination packet forms must be complete and include all required documentation to be processed by the Adult Recognition Committee. Partial nomination packets will not be accepted.

Submit Your Nomination

Nominators' Contact Information:

The “first signer” on the nomination will be the primary contact for this nomination and will be notified of the nomination status.

This is the author of one of the two additional endorsement letters you must submit in addition to your own.
This is the author of one of the two additional endorsement letters you must submit in addition to your own.


Nominees' Information:

If applicable
If applicable



Cut and paste text into boxes for best results.



Letters of Endorsement & Volunteer Record:

These items are required to submit a nomination and are linked to at the top of this page. Please download and complete these forms to submit with your nomination.



Award Presentation:

Nominations received by the dates below will be considered for awards to be presented at the event selected. If received after the due date, the nomination will automatically be considered for presentation at the next appropriate event listed.

 Adult Recognition Event, Spring 2019 - due Feb. 15, 2019
 Community/Region Functions, April/May 2019 - due March 15, 2019 (6-8 weeks prior to event)
 Other function - due 6-8 weeks prior to event

Remember that you can create your own local, customized award to meet your Community needs!