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Community Interest Indicator

Communities primarily serve girls and volunteers in troops. Please fill out the interest indicator to denote your interest in volunteering at the Community level in areas you are not currently serving.

Don’t forget to check out the Council-Wide and Region Interest Indicators for more opportunities.

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Interest Indicator

Please note your top three choices at the top of the form (first choice being the position you're most interested in) in addition to checking the boxes. Refer to the position descriptions on the forms section of our website.



 Community Leadership Team


 Product Sales Team
 Girl Panel Advisor
 Community Event Team
 Service Project/Take Action Coordinator


 Community Treasurer
 Community Financial Specialist


 Communication Specialist (internal)
 Press Corps (external)


 Recruitment Team
 Placement Liaison
 School Liaison
 Waitlist IRG
 Roster Specialist
 Renewal Specialist


 Mentoring Team
 Cafe Team
 Training Liaison
 Toolkit Wizard