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Your support turns Girl Scouts into go-getters

Doer, determined and self-starter are just a few characteristics that describe a go-getter like Isabel Herrera. With role models like her mother, an active Girl Scout volunteer, and her older sister, a Girl Scout Senior, Isabel knows that being a Girl Scout means being a go-getter.

During the 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program, Isabel experienced an unforgettable moment that bolstered her belief that Girl Scouts can accomplish anything. Isabel took her family’s laundry basket, cleaned it and decorated it with handmade paper flowers and signs. After filling the basket with cookie packages, Isabel showed it to her mother and asked if she could sell cookies. While Isabel’s enthusiasm, drive and creativity were impressive, what happened on the Metro rail was even more extraordinary.

“We were on the Metro with my cart of cookies, and a man wanted to buy some,” says Isabel. “When he was buying them, he said to me that I was doing something good for my country. I was making my country bigger and better and would be successful in life because all girls who were Girl Scouts become successful.”

Inspired by the encounter, Isabel wrote a letter in Spanish to San Jacinto Council describing her experience and how it had impacted her. “It made me feel important,” says Isabel in the letter. “It motivated me to be more active, to help more people and to have goals and accomplish them.”

Girls need Girl Scouting now more than ever. As 2017 comes to a close, we hope you will include Girl Scouts in the donations you make this season. While any amount will help bring Girl Scouting to more girls in southeast Texas, a gift of $272 will fund one year of Girl Scouts for one girl.

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Give girls access to the program that benefits them for a lifetime

Girl Scouts is the organization that provided me with campouts and s’mores as a child, and it is the same organization that provides me with courage, leadership and opportunity today as an adult. As a Girl Scout, I spent my weekends camping and riding horses. I traveled to the northeast to learn from students at MIT, and I spent my last summer before college with life-long Girl Scout friends in England, standing on the steps of the palace.

Every incredible experience and opportunity I had growing up was due to Girl Scouts.

I got to have fun - a ton of fun - but I also learned. When high school came around and talk about the Gold Award started, I was nervous, unsure and completely unaware of what would come. I chose a project that involved a lot of carpentry and quickly realized I needed help. That was when I learned that nobody can do anything alone and that is why an organization like Girl Scouts is so important.

The girls in my troop were all working on their own Gold Award projects, yet we still managed to support and encourage one another. I completed a difficult project with pride and an understanding of how powerful friendship can be.

When I realized that the loyalty I developed in Girl Scouts extended to my university, I understood why the role of student body president of Texas A&M University at Galveston was something for which I have a passion. As graduation approaches, I am embarking on my next goal of entering the maritime industry. While considering this decision, Girl Scouts surfaced the way it always does when I face any challenges. My advisor read over my resume, impressed with my accomplishments and awards throughout my undergraduate career; yet, the one item she pointed out as the most impressive was my Girl Scout Gold Award.

I cherish my Girl Scout experience and the opportunity it gave me to form lifelong friendships, practice failing and getting back up and finding that I’m capable of accomplishing any challenge, no matter how big or tall or scary. I hope that every girl has the opportunity to learn how to lead with loyalty, humility and passion – like I did in Girl Scouts.

Danielle Thompson 
GSSJC Alumna

A message from GSSJC CEO Mary Vitek


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