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14 GSSJC staff members recognized for years of service


Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council recognized 14 staff members who recently hit milestone anniversaries with the organization. Adult volunteers, including staff, are recognized for their years of service every five years.

Congratulations to the following staff members for earning this recognition:

5 Years
Carrie Carter, Product Sales Manager
Lupe Cedillo, Customer Service Specialist
Jeniece Quintero, Girl Experience - Outreach Manager
Tina Ruiz, Hispanic Volunteer Development Manager

10 Years
Cynthia Brown, Community Engagement Manager
Pam Green, Herd Manager
Melissa Hardy, Girl Experience Director
Beth Shea, Chief Marketing and Development Officer

15 Years
Audrey Davis, Shop Clerk - Girl Scout Shop Houston
Selina Howard, Emerging Markets Director
Betty McGill, Cashier - Girl Scout Shop Imperial Valley

25 Years
Allen Hoffer, Property Manager - Treelake
Margaret Vaughn, Cash Receipts Clerk

30 Years
Donna Robinson, Director of Curriculum & Community Outreach Services