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2017 Fall Product Program will be online-only sale


After careful consideration, the Council has decided the 2017 Fall Product Program will be an online-only sale. This decision was made to ensure girls and troops counting on funds earned through the program could still participate without placing additional pressure on families in our Council. The Fall Product Program will still begin Friday, Sept. 22 and end Thursday, Nov. 30.

What this means for you:

  • Participation is simpler. Girls and their parent or guardian can sign up to participate online starting Friday, Sept. 22, and girls can immediately customize their personal site with their goals and begin sending emails to friends and family. Here's how to get started on Friday, Sept. 22.
  • If girls want to have more personal interaction with their customers, they can invite them to their online business by:
          - Calling or talking to customers to describe the sale.
          - Showing them some of the available products from an order card.
          - Providing a business card with their personal URL. Starting Sept. 22, these can be printed from their Me2 Site. They can also use the personalized flyer available for printing.
  • If girls can't begin the sale on Friday, Sept. 22, they can continue to join the program at a time convenient to them before Nov. 30.
  • Troop Fall Product Managers (TFPMs) will not be required to take any training since it is an online-only sale. Product Sales staff and volunteers will provide webinars throughout the program to help TFPM's along the way - please watch our website for dates in the next two days.
  • For this year only, GSSJC is also waiving the requirement of participating in the Fall Product Program in order to receive financial assistance.

Additional benefits:

Thanks to the generosity of Ashdon Farms, our Fall Product Program partner, and contributions from the Council's operating fund, GSSJC will offer the following additional benefits to girls and troops in 2017:

  • Troops will earn $3 for each magazine subscription sold instead of $2; proceeds from nut items sold will continue to be 25% of each sale.
  • Troops will receive these funds earlier. ACH deposits of troop proceeds from their sales will begin as early as October 19 provided the troop has a current ACH form on file by October 9.
  • Shipping costs will be subsidized for 2017 only. Customers will pay less for shipping for online nut and candy orders. See the shipping cost chart for costs.
  • Any girl who creates an account and sends 12 emails from their Me2 site to friends and family will automatically receive a commemorative patch provided by our magazine vendor, M2Media, available only to girls in our area. The design is currently in production, but wording will be a "Girl Scout/GSSJC Strong" message - please watch our website for updates.
  • Troop and Community Fall Product Managers registered in the system will also receive the commemorative patch from M2Media. 

In addition to being a great way to earn start-up funds for your troop, this year's Fall Product Program is an opportunity for girls to either replenish troop funds used for Hurricane Harvey relief service projects or put their proceeds towards such service projects in the coming months. If you or your troop plan to use your proceeds for these efforts, we encourage you to share that with your customers and share photos of your projects on the Council's social media pages.

Please continue to monitor your email, the Fall Product Program page of our website, Fall Product webinars and our social media channels for continued updates. We appreciate your patience as we work to offer the best Fall Product Program possible as southeast Texas recovers from this storm.