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Misty Meadows

Horseback riding is the main attraction at Camp Misty Meadows, located near Conroe. The McNair Equestrian Center is home to our herd of 40 horses, and Girl Scouts can to attend the popular “Love, Hug and Groom” program, sign up to ride horses or simply watch the horses as they play and graze in the camp’s extensive pastures. Girls may also enjoy activities at the camp’s archery and rifle ranges or swim at the camp’s pool.

Accommodations at Camp Misty Meadows are dormitories and screened-in cabins, and the camp is also home to a brand new infirmary, a covered pavilion and the air-conditioned Wortham Lodge that houses a stage and classrooms. Camp Misty Meadows is located adjacent to Camp Agnes Arnold and Camp Silver Springs in the Treelake complex.

During the summer months, Camp Misty Meadows is home one of GSSJC’s three resident camp programs.