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    Checklist for Drivers

    • Driver is an adult.
    • Passengers will not be in a flatbed or panel truck, in the bed of a pickup, or in a camper-trailer.
    • Directions, GPS, road map, First Aid kit, flashlight, and road kit are in the vehicle.
    • Lights, signals, tires, windshield wipers, horns, and fluid levels are sound and working.
    • All papers are up-to-date, including driver’s license, vehicle registration, state or local inspections, and insurance coverage.
    • Seatbelts are available and will be worn by each passenger; girls under 12 will sit in back seats.
    • State laws and common sense such as the speed limit—such as keeping a two-car-length distance between vehicles, not talking or texting on a phone or device, not using earbuds or headphones, driving with your headlights on, etc., will be adhered to.
    • There will be no driving for extended periods at night, when tired, or while taking medication that causes drowsiness.
    • There will be rest stops every few hours; longer trips shall include relief drivers adhering to this same checklist.