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    Setting Up An Account

    If your group is earning and spending money, you need to set up a bank account. If you’re taking over an existing group, you may inherit a checking account. Consider these tips when working with a group account:

    • Keep group funds in the bank before an activity or trip; pay for as much as possible in advance.
    • Use debit cards during the activity or trip.
    • Make one person responsible for group funds and for keeping a daily account of expenditures.
    •  Have one or two back-up people with debit cards, in case the main card is lost.

    Unused Girl Scout money left in accounts when groups disband becomes the property of the council. Prior to disbanding, the group may decide to donate any unused funds to a worthwhile organization, to another group, or for girl activities. As when closing a personal account, be sure all checks and other debits have cleared the account before you close it, and realize that you may have to close the account in person. Turn remaining funds over to a council staff member.

    Follow your council’s financial policies and procedures for setting up an account.