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    Arranging Meetings with Parents and Caregivers

    It’s likely that most interactions you have with parents will be via email. However, you may like to meet your girls’ parents in person some time.

    A parent/caregiver meeting is a chance for you to get to know the families of the girls in your group. They’re not always possible, but they’re pretty cool if you can organize them. Before the meeting, be sure you and/or your co-volunteers have done the following:

    • For younger girls, arrange for a parent, another volunteer, or a group of older girls to do activities with the girls in your group while you meet with their parents/caregivers (if girls are attending)
    • Have an idea of the Girl Scout Mission, Promise, and Law; benefits of Girl Scouts, all the fun the girls are going to have, and ideas of how parents/caregivers can participate
    • Have an idea of when Girl Scout cookie activities will happen
    • Prepare yourself to ask parents and guardians for help, being as specific as you can about the kind of help you will need