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    Working with Parents and Caregivers

    Sometimes parents can be harder to handle than a room full of Daisies. It’s important to navigate situations with parents and caregivers well. Here are a few pointers to use if any tough situations come up.

    Use “I” Statements

    Perhaps the most important tip for communicating with parents/caregivers is for you to use “I” statements instead of “you” statements. “You” statements may put the listener on the defensive.

    Here are some examples of “you” statements:

    • "Your daughter just isn’t cooperating.”
    • “You’re not doing your share.”

    Now look at “I” statements:

    • "I’d like to help your daughter learn some fun ways to cooperate.”
    • “I’d love some of your attention on registration.”

    If you need help with specific scenarios involving parents/guardians, try the following: