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Troop Cookie Manager Training 2016-2017

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Sun Jan 01, 12:01 AM - Fri Mar 31, 10:41 AM CST
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Volunteer Training
Sign up today to be a troop cookie manager! All troop cookie managers are required to have an active 2017 troop cookie manager role, complete annual training (either in person or online), have a clear criminal background check and be a member in good standing. If you are new to this role or you want a more in-depth view of the 2017 Cookie Program, Rookie Troop Cookie Manager Training is for you. 

If you held the cookie manager role in 2016 and are comfortable with the Cookie Program processes, the fast-paced, classroom Veteran Troop Cookie Manager Training is right for you.

Bring : Light jacket and a pen.

Contact : (General) Product Sales Department,
(Registration) Registrars, 713-292-0370,