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Gold Award Orientation 2023

Sat Oct 01, 12:01 PM - Sat Sep 30, 11:59 PM CST
Highest Awards
Ambassadors, Seniors, Volunteers
Gold Award Orientation is a self-directed, virtual training on the gsLearn platform that provides a comprehensive overview of the steps, forms, procedures, and resources available to successfully complete the Gold Award at the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council. Gold Award Orientation is required for all girls who plan to complete their Gold Award. At the completion of the training, each girl will receive a certificate with her name and date of completion which must be submitted with her Gold Award Project Proposal. Project Proposals that are submitted without this document will be considered incomplete and cannot be reviewed until it is provided. Gold Award Orientation may be taken by any Senior or Ambassador, although girls are strongly encouraged to complete one Senior or Ambassador Journey before taking orientation. 
Gold Award Orientation is offered for free on the gsLearn platform. All registered Girl Scout adults automatically have access to Gold Award Orientation through their gsLearn account and are also invited to take the training; however, girls must request their own access to gsLearn to take Gold Award Orientation. Girls MUST complete orientation through their own personal girl account or they will not receive credit for completion.
Girls signing up for this event will be directed to complete an information form prior to receiving access to gsLearn where the training is hosted. On the form, each girl will be required to provide a unique, personal email address for herself (not a parent or guardian email). If the email address in her MYGS account does not match the email given on this form, her MYGS account will be updated to reflect the email address provided. Once the form is submitted, it will take up to three business days for the girl to receive her email with gsLearn log in instructions.

Note: This is not a live webinar and can be taken at any time not only on the dates listed. The training must be completed in order and each section must be viewed before moving on to the next section. You must receive 100% on each quiz before moving on. The orientation will take approximately 1.5 hours but does not need to be completed in one sitting. You may return to the training at any time to have ongoing access to the modules and additional resources.

Contact: (General) Alix Reilman, 936-255-8804,
(Registration) Registrars, 713-292-0370,
Virtual Event Information: Google Chrome is the preferred browser for our training website. At this time, this orientation is not mobile friendly. The training does include video and audio so please ensure that your volume is on.