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Name Position Position Description
Adkison, Emily Events Manager
Atton, Liz Girl Experience Manager South Central Mission Delivery Team, Regions 12, 13, 14. Health & Safety Weekend, GAM (odd years only), Red Cross Babysitting, Basic Aid Training
Bailey, Katie Controller
Barbosa, Susana Hispanic Community Engagement Assistant Manager
Barfield, Rita Registrar Information Services Manager
Barrett, George Ann Outdoor Experience Manager ACA, Program Curriculum Development, Equitation/CHA, Archery, Camperships, Troop Camping, IRG Camping, Camp Docents, Safety Activity Checkpoints ACA, Program Curriculum Development, Equitation/CHA, Archery, Camperships, Troop Camping, IRG Camping, Camp Docents, Safety Activity Checkpoints representative
Beste, Diana Grants Administration Manager Grants AD
Betts, Linda Assistant Manager Cupboard coordination, Hotline, PR cookies
Boak, Suzanne Research Associate Responsible for donor files, gift entry, donor acknowledgements. liaison to PR and Development committees
Briggs, Matthew IT Project Manager/Network Administrator
Brown, Cynthia Community Engagement Manager Rose Petals, Twin Oaks (Area 24)
Brown, Kathey Facilities Manager Lake Jackson
Brown, Robin Volunteer Development Manager Administrative Training, Annual Council Meeting, Community and Region Support, Crazy Quilt
Caldwell, Pepper Volunteer Experience Manager Supervises West - Regions 6 & 7
Carrie, Carter Product Sales Manager
Cartledge, Tiffany MIS - Part Time Data Entry Specialist
Cavenah, Kelli Girl Experience Manager East & South Central Mission Delivery Teams, Regions 10, 11. Family Event, College Days
Cearfoss, Lisa Outdoor Experience Manager ACA, Program Curriculum Development, Day and Twilight Camp, Riflery, Canoeing/Kayaking/FOC, Backpacking
Cedillo, Guadalupe Customer Service Specialist
Chavez, Connie Communications Director Oversees all Council communications: print material, Web, publications, videos, media, marketing, and crisis communications
Chenier, Tamina GSLE Manager Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, Teen Mentoring Awards (Program Aide, Volunteer-In-Training, Leadership in Action), Other Awards (GSSJC Life Saving Award), Service Projects/Community Service Award approval, Take Action Projects, Brownie Magic, Junior Event, Younger Girl Consultant (Da, Br, Jr)
Cole, Joyclynn Help Desk Technician
Cossio, Carmen Community Engagement Manager Supervises Region 8
Crook, Jennifer Retail Director Girl Scout shops; purchasing and retail operations
Crosby, Adriene Executive Assistant Certificates of Liability insurance
Davis, Audrey Shop Clerk
Davis, Earl Maintenance/Technician
Deeter, Julie Customer Service Director Robotics, supervises Program development managers
Denton, Kathy Mission Delivery Team Sr. Manager Bluebonnet Trails, Country Meadows, Majestic Forest, Spring Flowers, Sunshine Creek, Woodland Forests (Area 11)
Donovan, Jennifer Executive Assistant
Eisenmann, Raquel Girl Experience Manager - Outreach
Enzor, Miranda Communications Manager
Feldman, Lance Property Manager Certified pool operator; camp maintenance and project management
Fergeson, Samantha GSLE Manager Destinations/Travel, Global Projects, Visual/Performing Arts, Choirs (Quarter Note, Take Note), Green Starlettes, Cadette Weekend (even years only), Older Girl Consultant (Cad, Sr, Amb)
Foster-Walker, Forsythia Volunteer Experience Manager Supervises East - Region 10
Gillin, Tracy Sr. Director of Community Engagement & Member Experience Staff advisor to Pluralism Committee
Gonzalez, Lupe Volunteer Management Assistant Volunteer records
Gramann, Lillie Community Engagement Manager Enchanted Pines, Klein Country, Rainbow Springs, Singing Springs, Smile S'more, Sunshine Meadows, Whispering Trails (Area 13)
Green, Pam Herd Manager Certified CHA instructor, responsible for heard at Camp Misty Meadows and pasture management
Guillot, Nikki Shop Clerk
Hamilton, Keilani Community Engagement Manager Bending Bayous, Braes Oaks, Browndale, Pecan Orchard (Area 25)
Hardy, Melissa Girl Experience Manager North & Northwest Mission Delivery Teams, Regions 1, 3, 4. Conservation (workshops, Environmental Partnerships, Girl Scouts Forever Green), Letterboxing, Geocaching, GPS Checkout, Hikes, Tall Ship Elissa
Harris, Joanna Community Engagement Manager Elm Garden, Enchanted Forest, Happy Trails, Sweet Elm (Area 12)
Harvey, Kathi Volunteer Experience Manager Supervises North - Region 1
Harvey, Leandra Community Engagement Manager Manager of Lake Jackson
Hawk, D'Anne Product Sales Director Product sales training development, business processes, staff advisor to Product Sales Operations Team
Helman, Angela Girl Experience Manager - Outreach Girl Scouting in the School Day - Houston Metro
Henderson, Tammy Volunteer Records Specialist
Herrera, Deana Membership Credentials Manager
Hoffer, Allen Property Manager Certified pool operator; camp maintenance and project management
Howard, Selina Emerging Markets Director Supervises Regions 2 & 4
Hudson, Myriam Product Sales Specialist Deer Park, Golden Embers, South Breeze (Area 8)
Iaccio, Margaret Administrative Assistant
Jackson, Za'ndra Community Engagement Director Supervises Regions 1 & 6
Jeffery, Andrea Volunteer Development Manager Passport to Girl Scouting, Leadership Essentials, Facilitator Essentials, Daisy/Brownie/Junior Level Training, Adult Recognition Event
Jewell, Rita Registrar Manager Supervises event registrations
Jimenez, Corrina Mission Delivery Team Sr. Manager Las Brisas, Skyline Junction (Area 23)
Johnson, Dee Dee Executive Assistant Provides administrative support to the CEO and board chair.
Johnson, Sandra Volunteer Experience Manager Southwest - Region 15 & 16
Jones, Eric Network Support Technician / Assistant Network Administrator
Kelly, Lynn Shop Clerk
King-Tisdell, Mary Registrar
Kremer, Emily Grants and Outcomes Analyst S.T.E.M.(includes Robotics, Astronomy), Bridging Junior Event, College IP Days, Qualtrics, Teen Mentoring (PA & VIT)
LeMaster, Mary GSLE Curriculum Manager STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math), Robotics, Astronomy Special Interest Group, Council's Own Badges, Program Curriculum Development
Malbroue, Paskie Accounting Specialist
Marshall, Donna Volunteer Management Services Manager Adult Recognition Event, volunteer records, background checks, leader appointment letters, Council cooks, Child Protection Test and Certification
Maxwell, Jon Administrative Services Director Responsible for all service centers.
McCollom, Sherry Information Technology Director
McCool, Joseph Property Manager Camp maintenance and project management; certified pool operator
McDougal, Doug Senior Property Manager Certified pool operator; camp maintenance and project management
McGill, Betty Shop Clerk
McKee, Barbara Product Sales Manager Product delivery and logistics, girl program, staff advisor to Girl Think Tank, external communications
Melendez, Aurora Administrative Services Clerk Mail, outside printing requests
Morehead, Ariesha Membership Specialist
Morgan, Betty Training Registrar Training course registrations
Moses, Consuelo Girl Experience Manager Northwest Mission Delivery Team, Regions 2, 5. BFF (Be a Friend First)
Mosley, Chaquisha Girl Experience Manager Southwest Mission Delivery Team, Regions 15, 16. Volunteer Experience Support – North Star Community, Product Sales Program (Cookie College, 1,000+ Club)
Murphy, Gina Volunteer Experience Director Volunteer System Processes, Adult Education Opportunities, Conversations That Matter, Facilitator Recruitment
Myers, Melissa Volunteer Experience Manager Supervises Northwest - Region 2 & 5
Olsommer, Jo Assistant Property Manager Treelake
Olsommer, Phil Facilities Manager Camp maintenance and project management; supervises Robinwood and Treelake property managers
Ortiz, Crystal Community Engagement Manager
Parada, Michelle Cashier Part-Time
Pau, Linda Outdoor Experience Director Supervises Outdoor Experience Managers
Pavey, Diane Major Gifts Director Major Gifts, Urban Campout, Southeast Texas Advisory Group
Pineda, Yeiny Human Resources Manager
Prosperie-Woodson, Debbie Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Oversees Accounting, Administrative Services, Shop, IT, and Membership Credentials
Robin, Anne Outcomes Management and Operational Effectiveness Director
Robinson, Donna Girl Experience - Outreach Director Supervises: Community Outreach Managers, In School Scouting, 21st Century After School Program Baytown, Girl Scouting in the School Day in Baytown
Robuck, Chris Community Enagement Manager
Rock, Hallie Research Associate
Roldan, Maria Volunteer Experience Manager West - Region 8
Rolle, Latosha Accounting Clerk
Ruiz, Agustina Hispanic Community Engagement Assistant Manager Spanish language delivery of training, Volunteer support for Girl Scout Quest
Rushing, Alicia Girl Experience Manager - - Outreach Stafford
Sellers, Kathryn Community Engagement Manager Supervises Region 2
Shea, Beth Chief Marketing and Development Officer Oversees fundraising and communication functions for the Council
Slaughter, Alneisa Registrar Event registrations
Smith, Karyn Mission Delivery Team Sr. Manager Country Roads, Deer Forest, Lake Shore, Magic Forest, Meadowbrook, Rustic Woods, Towering Pines (Area 9)
Soles, Pam Community Engagement Director Everrock, Green Skies, Pearland Pearls, Sunshine (Area 21)
Sproles, Aimee Chief Operating Officer (COO) Oversees Membership, Volunteer Development, Program, Community Outreach, Product Sales and Facilities
Stokes, Aljacquitta Customer Service Specialist
Sullivan, Marlene Senior Customer Service Technician GSSJC Customer Service
Suttajit, Darinee Girl Experience Manager - Outreach
Swanson, Sally Annual Giving Director
Syring, Judy Volunteer Development Manager Adult Recognition and Appreciation, Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Level Training, Day Camp Training, Outdoor Training, E.T.C.-Every Thing Covered
Szabo, Larry Senior Property Manager Senior Property Manager - Casa Mare
Taylor, Shannon Accounts Payable Clerk Accounts Payable
Teague, Cate Administrative Assistant
Tirrell, Rebecca Girl Experience Director New National Program Initiatives/Strategy, Challenge Course
Tolbert, Mona Public Relations Manager Press Corps, Media Corps, Speakers Bureau,social media and press releases
Tompkins, Gail Volunteer Experience Manager South Central - Region 13 & 14
Vaughn, Margaret Cash Receipts Clerk
Vitek, Mary Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Staff supervision, works with board of directors and GSUSA, United Way liaison, Council spokesperson
Wafer, Darlene Administrative Assistant
Wilburn, Jason Property Manager Property Manager at Camp Whispering Pines
Wilkins, Marianne Executive Assistant Supports Properties, Operation, and Volunteer Relations committees
Williams, Alicia Membership Specialist
Williams, Jamie Outdoor Experience Manager ACA, Program Curriculum Development, GSSJC Properties Outdoor Enrichment, Sailing, Swimming/Lifeguards, CIT, Resident Camp, Camp Consultants
Williams, Nina Mission Delivery Team Sr. Manager North Star, Rainbow Stars, Texas Stars, Texas Treasures, Yellow Rose (Area 28)
Wolff, Linda Girl Experience Manager - Outreach Community Pathways
Zaragoza, Regina Volunteer Experience Manager South Central - Region 11 & 12