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Our goal in Customer Service is to ensure you receive prompt attention for your technical needs. Please review our frequently asked questions below. If you still need assistance, contact us.

If you have a comment, concern, or other issue that is not computer related, please call 713-292-0300 or use our contact us form to let us know.

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How do I change or update my role in the Council for the Facilitators' Site?

Log in to the Facilitators' Site online (, click on 'view account information', then 'change role in Council'.

How do I change my password for the Facilitators' site?

Log in to the Facilitators' Site online (, click on 'view account information', then 'change password'.

After creating my Facilitator's Site account, my password was never emailed to me.

The first thing you will want to do is visit the spam folder in your email account. If you email address was entered correctly, your spam folder or junk mail folder in your email account should contain the email you need. If you find your spam folder search didn't work and you still do not have the password for your Facilitator's website account, please contact the Help Desk for assistance in retrieving your password.

I received my temporary password for the Facilitators' Site, but when I try to change it, I get an error.

Try copying and pasting your temporary password. If that doesn't work, contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Why does the password have so many requirements?

The password requirements are standard requirements for web security. We want to do all we can to protect our information and your information. Your password doesn't have to be difficult. Something as simple as Troop123 will pass the requirements test. Just be sure to use at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and one other character.

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The PDF that I need will not open on my computer.

You may need to update your Adobe Reader software. This update is free online at the Adobe site:

If you need technical assistance (help with logging in, registering online, trouble with PDFs, computer issues), this is the place to find it.

For all other contact issues (questions, concerns or comments), please use our Contact Us form.


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