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While on vacation, at summer camp, or just hanging out with family and friends, make sure to add the GSSJC Summer Reading Club to your girl's list of activities this summer! 

Summertime is an ideal time for reading. It's portable, it can include the whole family, and it helps girls avoid the dreaded summer brain drain!

From June 1 – July 31, all Girl Scouts can earn the Summer Reading Fun patch. All they need to do is read a least two books on the Girl Scout book list. Each Girl Scout level has a required minimum number of reading hours for girls to earn the patch. 

  • Daisies (kindergarten-first grade) – 12 hours.
  • Brownies (second and third grade) – 15 hours. 
  • Juniors (fourth and fifth grade) – 20 hours.
  • Cadettes and above (sixth-12 grade) – 30 hours.

See the book list for each Girl Scout level below. For chapter books, any book in the series will count as a book read off the book list.

Once your girl has completed her reading hours, go to the Girl Scout shop to receive her Summer Fun Reading patch.

Girl Scout Day at the Houston Astros
Girl Scout Day at the Houston Astros

Join us at the Houston Astros game on Sept. 22! Get a free spirit towel to wave at the game!