Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

Archers In Motion (AIM) is GSSJC’s archery special interest group. Any registered Girl Scouts 4th grade and older are eligible to join. AIM members follow a program from USA Archery and an individual program from Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD). The group meets monthly so girls can practice their skills and attain new JOAD and AIM shooting levels.

Who can join: Juniors through Ambassadors

How to join:Register Here

Interested in the final frontier? Girl Scouts in grades 5-12 who have an interest in learning more about space can join the Council’s Astronomy special interest group. Members learn about moon phases, constellations, stars and so much more.

They also put on events for younger girls during the year to share their knowledge: Space Out for Brownies and Juniors, held each fall, and two Carousel camp weekends for Juniors. In addition, girls travel during the summer to learn more about space. Girls in this group also get the chance to have leadership opportunities in mentoring and facilitating.

Who can join: Girl Scouts in grades 5 - 12

How to join: Registration is open year-round! Look for Astronomy special interest group listings in The Golden Link or on the website under Events


A backpacking group might seem pretty straight-forward: girls learn how to pack a backpack, hike and camp overnight in the woods. But the GSSJC backpacking group gives girls so much more than these basic outdoor skills. Girls have the opportunity to develop confidence and independence, comradery with other Girl Scouts and connect with nature when they join the backpacking group. They also learn skills that will help them in college and beyond, like teamwork, problem-solving and the willingness to try something new.

Backpacking gives girls a chance to travel. During the school year, girls can opt to attend one-night backpacking trips to area state or national parks, which are offered twice per month. Girls can also choose to go on an extended trip lasting 7-10 days which occur two or three times per year. Past trips have taken backpacking Girl Scouts to the Rocky, Smokey and Appalachian mountain ranges in the United States. Girls also participate in service projects for state and national parks in Texas by rebuilding and preserving hiking trails for others.

Who can join: Girl Scouts Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors (grades 6-12)

How to join: Attend Backpacking Orientation –Register Here

The Green Starlettes is GSSJC’s dance team. Much like a high school drill team, girls meet to learn choreography, elect officers, host dance camps for younger Girl Scouts and even perform at several public events throughout the year, including a self-hosted spring show. No tryouts are required, and girls can join one of the 12 divisions around the Council.

Who can join: Girl Scouts in grades 4 - 12

How to join: Register here

GSSJC is fortunate enough to have two horseback riding programs available to girls: one at Camp Myra S. Pryor called STARS (Super Terrific Awesome Riding Scouts) and one at Camp Misty Meadows called SPURS (Special People Using Riding Skills). Girls in both programs have the opportunity to ride horses, learn new skills, achieve new levels and teach younger Girl Scouts how to ride. During summer camp, they can also attend a special training just for them at Camp Misty Meadows.

Who can join: Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors

How to join STARS: Attend a Saddlehorns (level 1) session to get started – look for listing in The Golden Link and on the website under Activities

How to join SPURS: Attend a weekend training – look for listing in The Golden Link and on the website under Events

Love technology? Then Robotics is the special interest group for you! As members, girls learn and use technology skills to build robots and code them. Learn and expand your knowledge of how robots are built and how they work. Girls in this group also get the chance to have leadership opportunities in mentoring and facilitating.

Who can join: Daisies - Cadettes

How to join: Register Here

Fancy conquering the seven seas? Then GSSJC’s sailing special interest group, Mariners, in the one for you! To join girls must complete Red Cross Basic Sailing. As a member, Mariners participate in two sailing seasons at Camp Casa Mare – one in the fall and one in the spring. They can also attend a special two-week summer camp session at Camp Casa Mare where they sail as much as possible. Girls also participate in non-sailing activities together throughout the year.

Who can join: Girls 11 and older. You can read this document to learn more about swim requirements.  

How to join: Look for Introduction to Sailing weekends in The Golden Link and on the website under Events. Register Here